Thursday, December 17, 2009

Death of D-I-A-N-E

its been so long since ive been in the crossfit gym.. almost a month to be certain..not going to lie i was a little scared to come back because its been so long.. after talking to PJ about it.. she jsut reminded me that the first time i was scared too and so easily i built the strength to go on the regular.. so it was either go home and sit or make my body work..

we did Diane today.. i did this same work out on 11/4/09 and def felt the difference.. i lost about 3 min of time.

Diane for Time
21.15.9 Deadlifts and Handstand Push-ups (Push-ups) 80Kg

Time Today: 11:27 Time 11/4: 8:28

Goal: the goal is really simple and its just to come back to the gym.. work is crazy but there really shouldnt be an excuse for me to miss gym time. Even if its at least just once a week.. i just want to come back.. i miss the sweat and pain..HURTS SO GOOD!

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