Friday, November 13, 2009

Nov. 13, 2009 Friday the 13th....

i forgot to blog when i went on tuesday.. so im doin it now.. not going to lie..lately i havent pushed myself to hit the gym.. i guess i got so much going on right now.. so much to figure out and a lot a bit running on my mind that there wasnt any space to think about the gym.. i know i know..


but that will change this coming week...

WOD on Nov, 10, 2009:

In Honor of Cory for time:

-21 Squat cleans
-45 Clapping pushups

-15 Squat cleans
-30 Clapping pushups

-9 Squat Cleans
-18 Clapping pushups

Weight: 35kg
Time: 13:18


Goal: The goal is simple.. keeping truckin on.. things are getting rough right now.. with personal things going on and constant work.. but the goal is to keep coming to the gym..even if tired. just push to push.

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