Monday, November 2, 2009

Nov. 2, 2009 Def a Monday...

not going to lie.. i was a little bit upset with myself and todays work out. I just felt so limited.. I guess i hurt my hand a lot more than I thought i did..(thanks Mark Butin j/k..but really) i tried to do the front squat, but the pressure on fingers extended back or on the hands hurt tremendously.. so i kinda just tried to suck it up and do the back squat. I know i could have def did more weight for the back squat, but with trying to hold that bar back there with my bum left shoulder..i just didnt have enough range of motion to hold it comfortably...RESTRICTED.


Back Squat 5.5.5- started with 45kg ended with a strong 63kg

Press 5.5.5- started with 25kg ended with 33kg

Stiff Leg Dead Lift 3x max reps- rep1: 25 rep 2:30 rep 3: 25


its funny how 1 or 2kg can def make a difference.. when i was doing the press..35kg is def my max but it wasnt my 5 rep max. I could do 3 good Presses with 35kg but just couldnt finish. When i moved down to 33kg i could finish the 5 reps.

Goal: right now in my head.. its about ROM... working that ROM in my left shoulder.. i hate feeling so limited.. so its gonna be about trying to work on that.. and other things that limit me. Push for what i can without hurting myself..


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