Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oct. 27, 2009 Anyone one up for some Turkish Delights?

I came into the gym thinking, okay, we have been doing lots of lifting lately...im going to assume that is what we are going to do.. Considering i was limited on time because i had work in a couple of hours, i thought...no sweat...get in and get out..


the Gymster Mr. Andrew Bueno threw me, personally, a curve ball.

Lets just put it out there for the record: I Missy Cruz HATE running. Always been a weakness of mine.. it was something i always wanted to work on..and i set a goal for it.. but man i hate it.. i swear Andrew must have read my goals and saw the portion where it said i wanted to work on cardio.

But i took it as a challenge and had to fight my initial reaction of: "shit..we are running."
Its like that quote form yesterday.. "i never regret doing it, but i regret not doing it.." or something like that..during the run i had to also fight the urge to want to walk..the moment someone lapped me...i was like shit okay..PUSH PUSH PUSH! and so PUSH i did..


4 Rounds for Time of:

400m Run

12 Turkish Get-ups

TIME: 25:26

Goal: running i think will always be my weakness, but not something I cant do. The goal is still still constantly work on incorporating running into my everyday life..and to continue to fight the urge to walk and just say PUSH IT! i think that i am very capable of doing more..its self-motivation i need to work on..because i find that with in..its not that my body cant do it.. but my mind telling me i cant do it.. and then it all just becomes a simple mental game..


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