Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oct. 28, 2009- (Back)Front, Push, Back, Pull

my quads and IT bands are def feeling the beating..but its a good kind of beating.. the one where you know you will benefit in the end. Day by day i am regaining the strength i know i use to have, and def feeling the muscles i didnt know i had..but thats whats so great about this program.. progression is key while technique is golden.. where you PUSH PUSH PUSH till you FALL FALL FALL...


Back Squat (for me Front) 5.5.5

Push Press 5.5.5

Back Extensions Max Rep

Pullups (Rings) Max Rep



Front Squats:
started with 50kg ending with 54kg

Push Press: started with 40kg ending with 50kg

Back Extensions: Max Rep 1- 20 Max Rep 2- 27 Max Rep 3- 35

Pull-ups (with Rings): Max Rep 1- 15 Max Rep 2- 20 Max Rep 3- 25


every time i see my numbers.. i want to beat it. Even if its by 1kg...i want it come in the gym and think okay.. lets PR for this... i def want to get stronger.. i think that will always be a life long goal that will come with everything that i do..but being stronger with proper technique and form. Running still needs to become one of the priorities i need to work on for thats def still on my gonna PUSH PUSH PUSH till i FALL FALL FALL..

"Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat." -Scott Fitzgerald

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